rotherhamHartley Lane Allotment site is situated in Rotherham South Yorkshire.
The allotment site is of medium size around 6 acres consisting of 50+ gardens each of which is approximately 300 sq yards.

hartley lane allotmentsThe allotment site on a whole is fairly well sheltered by hills on two sides, and slopes down towards a railway track beyond which is a small industrial estate. Facing south / southeasterly the site enjoys the full effects of the sun for most of the day.

Hartley Lane allotment site is not blessed with the best soil you could wish for, this ranges from dark heavy topsoil to yellow clay, both of which get waterlogged in winter and bake hard in the summer sun.

Despite the soil, the pheasants, the rabbits, and the pigeons, each plot holder grows a wide variety of veg, fruit, and or flowers, with some also keeping a few chickens.
The more dedicated of our growers winning prizes and awards in local shows/competitions.

The site is owned by the local council, although the plot holders administrate the site themselves via a dedicated elected committee.