General Maintenance

  • Build a compost bin too accommodate all the remains of harvested crops.
  • prepare ground that has become free after early crops to sow fast growing catch crops.
  • Green manures can be sown on vacant land.
  • Weeds need to be hoed off before they set seed.


  • Harvest veg while it is still young and at its best, this is the advantage of growing your own.
  • Sow winter Spinach, spring Cabbage and Japanese Onions before the warmth leaves the soil.
  • Sow Turnips, these are best sown in situ as they hate root disturbance.
    Thin out when very young so the plants can get established quickly.
  • Winter Radish can be sown varieties such as Mooli and Diakon will grow for use in winter or storage.
  • As the leaves of Onions turn yellow bend the neck over to aid ripening.
    Lift the bulbs and dry either out doors in the sunshine or in a well ventilated area indoors.
  • Keep picking Courgettes, or leave to produce Marrows.
  • Harvest Sweetcorn when the fruit tassels turn brown.
  • If the Peas and Beans are coming to the end of cropping, a few can be left to dry on the plant and supply you with seeds for next year.


  • Summer prune Raspberries, gooseberries, Cherries, cordon and espalier trained fruit.
  • Prune Plums and Damsons after fruiting. Take out any dead or broken branches.
  • Harvest Apples when they are fully ripe, but Pears can be pick whilst they are still firm and ripened before use.
  • Make new Strawberry beds and plant out runners taken in the previous months.


  • Moulds on greenhouse plants can be a problem as the nights get colder and damper.
    Clear away any foliage that yellows or dies and generally open up plants to allow air to flow freely.
  • Continue to harvest all greenhouse crops to prolong cropping for as many weeks as possible.
  • Check plants regularly for pests such as White fly and Red spider mite.
  • Sow a greenhouse variety of Lettuce for autumn use.
  • Dwarf French Beans can be sown in pots and grown on under glass to get a small crop in the latter months of the season