General Maintenance

  • Keep up regular hoeing and weeding.
  • Conserve water and save time by mulching with well rotted manure or garden compost after rain.
  • Watch out for diseases such as Mildew and Potato Blight. Caused by hot weather and high humidity at this time of year.


  • Harvesting should be in full flow now. Any disease free wast should go on the compost heap.
  • Lift Garlic and Shallots as the foliage turns yellow, dry in a well ventilated area for storage.
  • Keep harvesting Beans and Courgettes, allowing them to mature slows down production of further crops.
  • Sow Spring Cabbage, make a few sowings, the plants need to be big enough to get through the winter, but not so far advanced that they bolt.
  • Sow main crop Turnips
  • Sow headed Chinese Cabbage, these like the cooler late summer temperatures, high temperatures will make them bolt.
  • Sow Runner Beans in situ until the end of the month.
  • Out door cordon Tomatoes need side shooting regularly.
    Pinching out the growing tips (stopping) after 5 or 6 trusses can help the fruit to develop and ripen.
  • Feed Tomatoes with a high Potash fertilizer.
  • Pinch out growing tips of trailing Marrows and Pumpkins.
  • Keep up a vigil against garden pests, watch out for caterpillars of the Cabbage Whit Butterfly on all Brassicas.


  • Pick and store summer fruiting Raspberries, Black, Red and White currants.
  • Keep tying in and prune any trained fruit.
  • Thin out Apples and Pears.
  • Protect ripening plums from birds and wasps.
  • Clean up Strawberry plants that have finished fruiting.
    Clear away straw from under the plant and cut off any old foliage.
  • Propagate new Strawberry plants from runners, plants that are more than three years old start to produce less fruits.


  • Keep watering and feeding Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Melons, Aubergines and Peppers etc.
    Feed with a high Potash fertilizer to help fruit development.
  • Tie in plants to supports and remove any yellowing or diseased foliage.
  • Ventilate and damp down the floor on hot days.
  • Regular harvesting of young fruits will encourage more production.
  • Inspect plants frequently for pests such as Aphids, White fly and Red spider mite.
  • Greenhouse Tomatoes will need side shooting on a regular basis.