Corn Salad

corn saladCorn salad also known as Lambs Tongue Lettuce, is wonderful on its own or mixed with other salad leaves. This lettuce whose leaves resemble forget-me-nots has more flavour than many other salad leaves, so it adds taste and bite to any salad dish.

Soil Preparation
Corn salad will grow on most soils but does even better if it is well manured. Fish manure can be added with the compost and manure at 4 oz (120g) to the sq. yd. If the soil is not chalky, add a top dressing of lime.

The crop grows largely in the autumn and winter, so a sheltered, sunny position is important, one that has good drainage. Rake the soil to a fine dust then sow the seeds thinly in drills ¾ in. (19mm) deep and 1 ft. (30cm) apart.

To have a succession of lettuce, make the first sowing at the beginning of August and continue through to the end of September. Later the seedlings should be thinned out allowing 9 in. (228mm) between each plant; those taken out can be transplanted into new drills to increase the crop.

General Care
Keep down the weeds with a Dutch hoe and make sure that the plants have enough water.

Grown quickly so that the leaves are wonderfully tender.